3D Mania in the press

Using CGI technology to its maximum potential, 3-D sight gags abound in this thrilling presentation that integrates computer generated imagery and live action to explore the history of 3-D photography and 3-D motion pictures. Audiences will encounter early incarnations of the third dimension, from a re-creation of one of the earliest 3-D movies ever made to classic clips from Hollywood's 3-D heyday during the 1950s. With the latest filmmaking technology, nWave takes moviegoers on the wildest 3-D adventure ever created for the giant screen. Directed by Ben Stassen and produced by Charlotte Huggins, "Encounter in the Third Dimension" immerses the audience in the 3-D film experience.


Okay, this IMAX film is an undeniable gimmick, being little more than an excuse to show off the latest 3-D tricks. Still, you can't knock the execution, its 100,000 hours of digital rendering leaves me believing that a full-scale 3-D movie is certainly technologically feasible. The 40 minute films portrays a "demonstration" of the newest version of three-dimensional film hosted by mad scientist Stuart Pankin and his robotic sidekick; before you get there (it's Elvira doing a song-and-dance routine - we'll take comments like "and who better to be seen in 3-D?" as read, shall we?), you get a romp through the history of the medium, as well as clips from cutting-edge work like Universal Studios' fabulous Terminator 3-D. Unlike some IMAX films, you don't need the full headsets, just oversized sunglasses which have the necessary polarised lenses, but these provide a remarkable depth of field, particularly round Pankin's lair. If you don't flinch at least once, you're a cooler citizen than I. All we need now is the right plot to permit lots of pointy-object action, and we'll be away...