Job Description & Responsibilities

Collaborates with the Director, Art Director to interpret the written description of the film and visually translate it into a unique and interesting world (set).

Guided by the Art Director, the Film’s Director, and on occasion, the Assets Supervisor (or VFX Sup, if applicable) to help explore and create the visual direction for the environments/sets and props – as a means to provide a  visual road map for the storyboard team, visual development team and pre-production.   This may/will include creating: beat boards, colour script, colour keys, painted frames, caricature designs, concept art, layouts, blueprints, schematics, orthographic views and painted texture reference – to be utilized by all departments throughout the production of the film.      

Maintains a consistency of the look  - so that each set/scene fits into the overall style of the world/setting of the film.

Ensure file management and archiving of artwork is maintained throughout the course of production.  To gather suitable reference material from various sources and organizes into library.  Provides complete and concise examples for production teams to follow (categorizes “director approved” reference and places them into easily identifiable folders – defined by Art Director).  

Ability to work digitally within a fast-paced environment – under tight deadlines.

Position Requirements