Animation Lead
Job Description & Responsibilities

The Animation Lead drives/mentors one team of Animators within the Animation Division. Will report directly to the Animation Division Supervisor.

The Animation Lead follows their team, provides technical support and reinforces the direction specified by the Animation Division Supervisor. Enforces proper workflow practices and techniques that will save time.

Shepherds their team’s sequences through to final ensuring all shots are setup properly for the Character FX Stage. Responsible to prepare all teams reviews and report any issues technical or otherwise to the Animation Division Supervisor.

The Animation Lead discourages “cheating” characters and props within shots, in the sequences his/her team is assigned. Responsible to report any necessary cheating to the Animation Division Supervisor, Layout Supervisor AND Production Manager.

The Animation Lead assists the Animation Supervisor in the scheduling process for their team’s sequences and is also accountable for on-time delivery of their sequences throughout the production.

Builds strong communication and sense of “team” within the department. Promotes a positive team moral. Training and mentorship of team with the goal of growing animators to senior level.

Position Requirements