Job Description & Responsibilities

The Character FX Lead reports directly to the Character FX Supervisor. Responsible for working closely with the Character FX Supervisor - to create the pipeline for the cloth, muscle, hair, fur and feather simulation.

Handles the more complex CharFX shots.

Helps to develop and support tools and technology needed to arrive at the desired visual style of the project.
Troubleshoots technical issues as they arise (for their team). Works withR&D to develop tools.

Communicates all technical and aesthetic aspects of the sequence with his/her team.

The Char FX Lead may be asked to participate in the planning/breakdown of his/her team’s sequences.

Works closely with CharFX Sup and Production Management to organize reviews and to reinforce to his/her team, the importance of deadlines, and alerts PM of any problems that could affect the schedule.

Responsible to help cultivate a strong team environment.

To cover or represent the Character FX Supervisor in the case they are not present in the studio. Serves as the “next in command”.

Position Requirements