Created in 1994, nWave Digital, the production arm of nWave Pictures is a state-of-the-art 3D animation studio based in Brussels, Belgium. nWave creates 3D stereoscopic feature films, 2D/3D large format films, and has a library of over 42 3D/4D theme park attractions and 32 other special venue films distributed worldwide.

nWave first feature film "Fly Me to the Moon 3D" (2008) features the adventure of three young house-flies hitching a ride on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Whether floating in space or flying around the home, this film takes the audience along for the flight of their lives.

With the release of "Sammy's Adventures" I & II, nWave established its place in the animated feature film business. These two films feature a lovable cast of characters, and continue to delight audiences around the world.


In 2013 the company premiered two more films: "African Safari 3D", a live-action feature documentary that immerses the audience in an extraordinary journey across Africa; and "The House of Magic 3D", an engaging story of one small cat's quest for a home of his own. 

During 2014-2015 nWave will complete work on "Robinson Crusoe - Tuesdays' Tale" (working title). This 3D animated feature film tells the story of Robinson Crusoe, from the perspective of an adventurous parrot called Tuesday. When a shipwrecked Crusoe washes up on a deserted island, the various animal inhabitants, led by Tuesday, are faced with new challenges as they adapt to their new visitor and the knowledge that there is a larger world out there beyond their island paradise. This family comedy has something for all ages.


During 2014-2016 nWave will produce an exciting new animated feature film"Son of Big Foot" (working title), in collaboration with Waterman Entertainment (USA), the producers of the hit feature films "Alvin & the Chipmunks" (3 features 2007-2012); "Stuart Little" (2 features 1999 -2002); and "Casper" (1995)
nWave continues to build on its success by providing audiences with engaging films that resonate with audience worldwide.

The Queen’s Corgi

3D feature film

Son of Big Foot

3D feature film

Robinson Crusoe

3D feature film

House of Magic

3D feature film


3D feature film

Sammy 2

3D feature film

Fly Me to the Moon

3D feature film

African Safari

3D feature film

The Little Prince

3D/4D attraction


3D/4D attraction

Haunted Castle

3D large format

Misadventures in 3D

3D large format

3D Mania

3D large format

Alien Adventure

3D large format

SOS Planet

3D large format


3D large format

Red Baron

3D ride film


3D ride film

House of magic

Explore exciting 3D environments and play 5 highly challenging games! Will you succeed in finding all the puzzle pieces ?

Jelly cave

After being stranded for ages in the secret Jelly Factory you finally found a way out.

Sammy 2

Explore exciting 3D environments and play 5 highly challenging games! Will you succeed in finding all the puzzle pieces ?
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Brussels is quite affordable compared to other major European cities.
Here’s a popular real estate website to give you an idea of available housing:

The city is divided into 19 communes. Here are the communes and neighborhoods closest to nWave which is located in Forest:
    •  Forest (postal code 1190)
    •  Uccle (1180), Churchill, Bascule, Altitude Cent
    •  Ixelles (1050), Place Louise, Place Stephanie, Ma Campagne, Chatelain area, Bascule
    •  Saint Gilles (1060), between La Barierre de St. Gilles and Ma Campagne
New recruits will receive nWave’s welcome package which contains lots of useful information to help you settle into life here quickly. 
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Medical insurance is mandatory for everyone in Belgium. In the case of employees, contributions are paid by the employer and deducted from your gross salary. Freelancers pay into a social security fund for the self-employed.

There are many health insurance companies, most of which you can register with on-line.  There is usually a 6 month grace period, so it is important to arrive in Belgium with medical coverage of your own for the first 6 months.

Here is an example of a Mutuelle:

the heart of europe

In addition to world-famous chocolate, over 800 beers and one of the most beautiful main squares in Europe, Brussels is also recognized as the headquarters of the European Union. Here’s everything you need to know about living and working in Brussels:

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